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Classmate Profiles

     User has created a profile: 278
     Profile updated within past 6 months: 81
     In Memory: 70
     Profile contains photos: 64
     Military Service: 16


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Mary Jane Alm    
John Barta   
Bonnie Beckel    
Ted Beckel    
Konr Beetch    
John DeGrood    
Tom Deike    
Daniel DeMars    
Bruce Dumke    
Tim Dunn   
Ian Elrod   
Bob Finnegan     
Dan Hakes   
John Jans   
John Ladd   
David Lamm   
Jeff Larson    
Rod LeVake   
Tom Michel    
Joel Mikle   
Kevin Moline    
Randy Nunn   
Scott Polzin    
Tim Sheldon    
Jeff Thomas    

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